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5 Key Hair Colouring Questions That Need To Be Asked

Posted by admin on November 25, 2015
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There are 5 key hair colouring questions that need to be asked when you decide to go for something different. If you need a reason why ytou need to visit a professional hairdresser in Wrexham, click HERE

Q: How can I cover my grey hairs without changing my colour?
A: If you have only a few grey hairs, a temporary colour in the shade closest to your natural colour should blend them effectively. If the grey is very noticeable but you still have a high percentage of your natural colour, use a stronger, semi-permanent or demi-permanent colour and in the shade closest to your natural colour.

Q: I’ve been using a permanent colour to cover grey for two years, but now it looks too dark. Should I swap brands?
A: If you use a permanent product, try just touching up the roots when they start to show, combing the colour through to mid length and the ends for just the last five to ten minutes. If you take the colour through the whole head for the entire processing time, you will get colour build-up which will make your hair darker.

Q: Can I dye my fair hair brown at home?
A: Dyeing hair from blonde to brown is not something I would recommend doing at home. If your hair is already chemically lightened, you run the risk of getting a khaki-green colour if you apply a brown tint directly over a blonde one. If you are naturally blonde and want to go darker you will need to use a permanent brown tint to get a good result.

Q: I have just used a semi-permanent colour and it looks too dark. Can I lighten it?
A: Sometimes, a semi-permanent shade may go too dark if the hair is more porous than normal for instance if it has been exposed to strong sunshine. Try massaging a small amount of warmed olive oil into dry hair, cover with a plastic hood and keep oil warm with a medium heat drier for half an hour. To remove the oil, wash three times with a medicated shampoo.

Q: I have long hair, will one pack be enough to colour it?
A: Hair that is long or thick will often require two packs of colour. Spread too thinly, the colour deposit will be reduced, making it less effective on grey hair.

I hope that helps answer a few questions on colouring hair. If you need any advice, give Nat Cargius a call on 01244 570600