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Posted by admin on November 16, 2015
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Gresford, is a village on the outskirts of Wrexham and the site of the former Gresford Colliery which had one of Britain’s worst coal mining disasters, when 266 men died in an underground explosion on 22 September 1934.

The site is now a working mens club and football pitch and a new housing estate that has only 140 homes but is one of the most sought after estates in the local area. Over the years, Gresford has become the place to live. It is home to a number of successful businesspeople and property prices have soared in recent times. The local schools are some of the best in the area and the transport links to Chester and Birmingham are excellent.

There are a number of small businesses in the village that include a hairdressers, barbers, pubs, post office, wine merchant and one of the best travel agents in North Wales. The main football team Gresford FC plays in the upper tiers of welsh football and the village also has a number international athletes living there.

The close proximity to Marford Hill and the luxury homes means that it’s always busy with locals shopping. At the foot of Marford Hill is Rossett and to the south of the village is Borras, both up and coming areas of Wrexham. Nat Cargius Hairdressing serves both Rossett and Marford and our clients find the ease of reach and access to the salon one of the prime motivators.

The new luxury housing estate being built over the road from the football club will see property prices increase yet again. These luxury homes are being built by SG Estates, who are also responsible for the new estates in Wrexham.