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Really Really Me Case Study – Carol G in North Wales

Posted by admin on November 25, 2015
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Case Study – Carol G in North Wales

Carol came into the salon just after attending an appointment at the local Hospital for her cancer treatment. She walked in with a friend to make a general enquiry and I explained how our service worked. She made an appointment for a later date and as we kept talking she became very emotional and seemed close to tears. I was immediately concerned and asked if it was something I had said?

Carol told me that she’d had a hellish day at the Hospital. The people she had seen there had not been caring in their approach and she was feeling very low.

The reason Carol was crying was because I was the only person she had seen that day who was kind to her. The purpose of this case study is to illustrate the point made in the introduction to our service.

I am very aware that apart from feeling vulnerable during treatment, clients need to feel that the person providing such a personal service does understand what they are going through. When consulting with clients our intention is to make them feel better, by giving good customer service.

Put simply, sitting around a table and having a chat – with no pressure!