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Top hairdressers in Wrexham

Posted by admin on November 25, 2015
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We asked one of the top hairdressers in Wrexham and possibly North Wales leading hairdresser, Nat Cargius, what his top 10 tips for staying at the top and what it takes to be the best and remain successful. Our advice is to establish only a few of these tips into your daily routine and you will be happier with your career in the long run and, most importantly, remain successful for a long time.

Establish strong foundations. It starts with the basics and learning at a good college and serving an apprenticeship at a reputable salon makes all the difference. Get your hands on as many heads as you can and get as much feedback from clients about how you did as you can.

Build on solid technical skills and gain a strong understanding of the business side of beauty. If in doubt ASK. Never think that you’re learning when you’re not asking questions and doing the job. Most apprentices develop bad habits because they’re afraid to ask questions.

Commit to continuing education inside the classroom and out. Information and inspiration are all around you and every experience can enrich you. Look around and remain constantly aware of the beauty industry. You never know what you might pick up from a random photo, the style of a passerby or even a casual chat with someone that has “That” cut.

You attract what you project and you meet only those that you are worthy of. Never go overboard on the happiness front, be yourself and potential clients will see the real you. Always be organised and professional, regardless of how you feel because its about the client in the chair and their experience and nothing to do with you.

Having good energy and a great attitude combined with great technical skills will see you become successful very quickly. Word of mouth is the best marketing tool you can have and so make sure you ask for referrals from every client you work on.

Never be afraid to make mistakes. If style turns out a bit shorter or longer or redder than you intended, work out why, learn from it, move forward and make sure you do all you can to not repeat it. It doesn’t matter how flawless or exquisite a haircut is if it’s not on the right person. It’s important to understand the aesthetics of your work so the hair suits the client’s facial features and shape, bone structure, complexion, body type and personal style.

Work hard and when you think you’re flat out, go another 10% but never to the detriment of your professionalism and organisation. In the hairdressing industry, you have to hustle. Every day you walk into the salon you need to be the very best you can be and show that energy to your clients.

Start to put your work up on social media and share it all the time. Take before and after shots of your clients and post them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Collect followers and tell your clients. You can even use these social media portals to market your services. We did it and have a reach that extends across the whole of North Wales and Cheshire.

Invest in business cards that stand out and ensure that you have them on you at all times. You never know when you’re going to meet a potential client. Never be afraid to ask someone where they had their hair cut and ask them why they went there. Give them a card but DO NOT sell yourself. They have a hairdresser and maybe happy, but they may have a friend who isn’t!!!

Attend a trade show. These are the best places to get discounts on products, network with other hairdressers and colourists, learn about the new trends and attend classes. If you get a chance to go to one, make sure you go even if it’s for an hour, it could be the best hour of your professional life.

Be flexible with your clients. If one of your clients is having difficulty booking an appointment time with you, offer to see what time works best for them. Being flexible like this will make you stand out from the rest and word will spread.

Nat Cargius has followed the above and been one of the biggest and most successful hairdressers in Wrexham. He’s now opened a boutique salon and is reaching new clients every day.